Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Literature for the MySpace generation

Sam Jordison discovers how a new wave of publishers and writers are harnessing the power of MySpace and print on demand to bypass their bricks-and-mortar competitors to find new audiences
Wednesday February 7, 2007
Guardian Unlimited


Bestseller versus groundbreaker

Bestseller versus groundbreaker

  • Guardian Unlimited, Monday April 16 2007
Those who flatter themselves that they are serious about literature rarely see anything they like at the top of the book charts. "Bestseller" clearly isn't a four-letter word but, in some circles at least, it is a derogatory term. There's a broad assumption that there's an inverse relationship between sales and quality - and that the charts are therefore topped with lowbrow, (...)

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Who's Paul Auster Dad?

Delderfield and other authors devoured by our parents have sunk into obscurity. But why, and who will disappear from our current favourites?

The enduring magic of Eric Newby

Returning to the great travel writer for the first time since he died, I am reminded of what we've lost, but consoled by how much life his books retain.

Catullus: The Supreme Poet of Spring

The end of winter has produced mountains of poetry, but two thousand years' worth has not bettered Catullus's lyrical evocation of this most poetic of seasons.

I can't bear Henry James...

... but at least he's not as preposterous as Thomas Hardy. Who are your pet hates?

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Unlucky for some?

Unlucky for some?


TODAY, millions of people around the world are staying in. They won't be going to the office. They might not be getting out of bed. And they certainly won't be going anywhere near a car or a plane. The reason - in case you haven't noticed - is that it's Friday the 13th.

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