Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paris Bitter Hearts Pit review

"If Schadenfreude is what you usually get drunk on, prepare for a massive piss-up. Sam Jordison delivers, with Annus Horribilis (John Murray, £9.99) one of those indispensable coffee table books (you can also read it in other, more secluded places) that trigger some needed chuckles in these dreary autumn days..."

Nice! More here.

Have a scan of the rest of the Paris Bitter Hearts Pit too...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More reviews for Annus Horribilis

This time from splendind Malaysian blog: The Bookaholic, Bibliobibuli:

"This collection of :
Mistakes, mishaps, cock-ups ...
is joyously funny, and deeply reassuring ... for it's really nice to know that there is always someone in the world capable of doing dafter things than you..."

AH also got a pleasant 'passing' mention in the Scotsman:

"To complete such a study, a particularly nasty dose of constipation is, for once, desirable. It can be claustrophobic in the WC, but there's always someone worse off, as toilet books can confirm. If you turn to today's date in Sam Jordison's Annus Horribilis (John Murray, £9.99), a calendar book of comic misfortune, then you will read about Moira Poor, an Auckland woman who in 1994 was trapped in a lift for 67 hours."