Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Bible's Literary sins

A blog about the Bible that seems to have interested a few people in the Philippines.

If you're one of the religously inclined who seem to be visiting this blog at the moment, you might be interested in the The Joy Of Sects.... Could be some interesting - uh - parallels in there with that Eliseo Soriano chap.

Otherwise, I can generally be found hanging about here.


Edwin said...

You fool yourself by saying about rude things about the bible which surely you do not understand.

If you do not believe fully with the bible will follow that you do not also believe in the God mentioned therein..

If you really standing firm with your rude believe about the bible, i think it is wise to go on a one-on-one discussion with Bro. Eli Soriano.

By the way, it seems you really don't know what will happen to those people like you in the end of the world, because if you do, you'll not write these stupid things.

edwave58.....(Guardian Unlimited name)

Sam Jordison said...

End of the world? Is it nigh?

Listen, if you really want to upset and unsettle me, you couldn't do worse than buy up all the copies of the Joy Of Sects in existence and burn them. That would really make me think that you are a serious organisation. Oh boy.

Meanwhile, a one and one with Bro. Eli Soriano sounds like a fascinating idea. How would that be arranged?

Anonymous said...

Sam Jodirson?

There are so many gargabe in your mind.

bojhe said...

are you really serious about hvaing a one on one discussion with Bro. Eli Soriano? If you are, I could very well arrange it for you! We can do it via LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCING. Just confirm that you are seriously willing to engage.

Mon Bernardo said...

We are members of the Church of God International that is presided by Brother Eliseo Soriano, based here in the U.K.
We have learned that you are interested in having a one on one discussion with Brother Eli and that you find the idea
"fascinating", and that you are asking how can such a conversation can be arranged.
Such a conversation is most welcome to Brother Soriano, especially if it is of spiritual or biblical matters.
If you agree, we could set a particular topic to discuss regarding the bible, God, Christ, Christianity, or the likes
If a certain topic is established, we will arrange a LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCING for the formal discussion.
You are very welcome to come over here in our locale with your associates as we have all the facilities needed for such conferencing installed here
We can webcast the whole proceedings LIVE. You can reach me at my mobile number: 07810824237.

Jhorel Bocade (proud member of the Church of God International) said...

Hi Sam. All the brothers and sisters in our congregation are hoping to have an intelligent and professional debate with you about this topic. You, of course will face our Presiding Minister: Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

And we would be doing this with maximized and morally dignified gusto.

We hope you understand why we are reacting this way to your article.
A statement degrading our Lord Jesus Christ as an egomaniac with dirty feet? If you were in our place, you wouldn't be taking that sitting down too.

May our God bless you and your loved ones.

Jhorel Bocade (proud member of the Church of God International)

sinag said...

you seem very much confident with your ready knowledge about "fundamental Christianity" that you have encountered so far, eh.

and your basic criticisms may be intriguing and disturbing enough for "some believers".

well, you sure didn't know Bro. Eli. :-)

but your fascination in having a debate with Bro. Eli Soriano and try your luck sure interests "me" enough. though on my personal account, your given arguments in G.U. are not so compelling, but a sheer rant.

now that you're considering a one-on-one debate with him will sure settle many things.

i'm looking forward to witness that.

Anonymous said...

Jou know mr. jordison, you do not understand the Bible thats why you wrote a lot of foolishness in your blog. It only show how impertinent you are when it come to the Word of God. Im challenging you have a one on one discussion with Bro. Eli, if you can stand your foolishness.We can do it via LIVE VIDEO COFERENCING. And it will be shown here in the Philippines through UNTV 37. I DARE YOU!!!!

alvin matias said...

--- Sam posted at esoriano.wordpress ---
Sam Jordison

Hey, listen, I wrote a book you chaps might find interesting:
The Joy Of Sects. You should be able to pick up a copy from…

Thanks for the continued interest in my article by the way, I’m really quite thrilled that you’ve gone to so much effort...


This is ridiculous, someone is striking your senseless belief about the Bible and you promote your book instead. Sam's only aim is to earn money and be popular by bashing the Bible. Aren't you ashamed Sam that the book you hated gives you the chips to buy you your family's food? Atheists really are evil people up to the very core of their black bone. And so with you British Guy and Ben Myers. You are all lame people who shakes when someone is retaliating with your ego. Christians are commanded to defend their faith. If you atheist defend what you believe, so with us Christians, we are not commanded to just sit when someone like you appears.

Edwin said...


Please reply. Now it looks like everyone wants you in a video conference to discuss your stand.
Answer the challenge for a one-on-one discussion with Brod Eli Soriano.

We posted our comments not because we have something against you personally, (in fact we do not know you). You would do a great favor for yourself by accepting this invitation to go on a one-on-one discussion with Bro Eli. Soriano.

With regards..edwin

Sam Jordison said...

Sure Edwin,

I'll be pleased to do it... I'm away from my desk until Tuesday afternoon, but I'll get in touch then to arrange details.
Shall I call mon Bernado, or is there an email I should contact?

Anonymous said...

Prepare to face the Man sent by God!!!

"An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him." Proverbs 17:11

We all here in the Philippines will be waiting if you are really a man of your word Sam. And if you really stand by your principles and beliefs... because we all do.

We are very excited on the discussion.

Jhorel Bocade said...

Hey there Sam. I suggest you go and give Mon Bernardo a ring.

take care chap

Edwin said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the reply. Please contact and give your contact details too to Mr.Mon Bernardo, a member of the Church of God Int'l in UK.Phone number is 07810824237.

We really looking forward to this discussion and hope we could resolve the issues.

We'll also pray for you. May God bless us all.


Anonymous said...

sam! oh sam! i giving you a warning about bro.eli he's a tough guy! if you want a debate with him, my advice to you is to read all your lessons, try to review your pointless arguments, and start preaparing yourself for the shame you never tasted before! tsk! tsk! tsk! IF you will call the debate, (if you are NOT A COWARD!!!!) TRY TO DEFEND YOURSELF LIKE YOU'VE NEVER DEFEND YOURSELF BEFORE!

Anonymous said...

hi sam,

I'm really excited about you accepting the challenge of a one-on-one debate with bro. eli soriano. you havent got any idea what your up to, you'll be surprised, ahehehe.

good luck,

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to witness another interesting fight of faith. This time Between Bro. Eli and a UK writer. May God enlighten you through these one-on-one debate. And that's a fascinating idea.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to have a discussion with Bro. Eli Soriano for you to write the most interesting book you ever wrote. I think I can suggest one title for the book you'd be writing -
'The Most Fascinating Person in the World'. Is that a fascinating idea?

Anonymous said...

hi sam,

I would like you to know that Bro. Eli is undefeated in debates, let's take a look at his previous victims in the past:
1. A lot of Catholic Priest's.
2. Ministers of Jehova's Witnesses.
3. A bunch of Born Again pastors.
4. Ministers of Seventh Day Adventist.
5. some Mormons.
6. some cults and weirdos.

I think after your one-on-one debate with Bro. Eli, I may find myself adding some british writers in there too as a possible victim, hee hee hee



To everyone,

Let the debate invite with Mr. Jordison can be arranged; But, as I reiterate, this is not to put to disgrace the personality of anyone.We battle because of what the Bible says:

Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the world's rulers, of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

May God bless us all.




I am posting a comment again in your blog to let you know my dismay and disappointment from the things I've learned from one of our brethren in London that you're asking for a FEE for you to be able to sit in a debate with Brod Eli Soriano.

It is my utter disgust with you. May the Lord God have mercy on you.


ezekiel said...

sorry sam ...wise people will not gain anything from reading your books,maybe you talk to satan and his devils to buy your books,even the title are not worth to read for.just donate your books to a malaria infested countries to help them drive the mosquitoes by burning your books.ask someone with God's spirit who can guide you to understand the bible.and sam time dont sell your books to the wise people,coz ur wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

hey sam,if you do not have money for the debate..dont go for it..the debate your asking is not about money..its about wisdom in your head,i require you to read and understands the bible before you say yes.and take away the garbages in your mind.stop writing books of the same will not help you either.