Monday, December 08, 2008

Books to read

Books to read
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Here's my to-read pile... Thomas Pynchon has been temporarily removed as I was sizing it up to write my blog about it over on GU... Note Staying On by Paul Scott... next booker blog subject! Also I've read Hero Of the Underground, not sure why that's still there. Really excellent book too.


Hagelrat said...

my husband won't let me have an extra set of bookshelves for my tbr pile. He seems to think I should read them instead of moving them to a new set of shelves and filling the gaps with yet more books. Damned unreasonable if you ask me. ;)

Dave said...

Crap Towns recently emerged from my 'to be read' pile and jolly good it was, too. Mildly disappointed at Bromley not making it, but otherwise an excellent read. Good work.

Sam Jordison said...

Thanks! Nice of you to say so!