Thursday, May 20, 2010

Organic Peas and Orderly Queues

Do please head over to the blog I'm writing about my people, the middle classes:

Organic Peas and Orderly Queues

You might also want to test what class you are by doing this nifty facebook quiz.


Anonymous said...

Dear sam , i am really thanking you from heart for your book about osho ,thank you indeed really , and i wish to see this shocking artical about them and may you get it translated or if you like to tell arabs about your book ..
here is the artical :

Tim Henman said...

Why promote a class divide it makes no sense to me, to be judged or judge others on their standard of education or social or ecological awareness is bizarre , the quiz you have in place to determine whether you are middle class or not is pathetic. Class means nothing , and reading through your nonsense has made me aware of how insecure , arrogant , aloof your so called class are. All the best old chap.

Sam Jordison said...

Thanks for a hilarious comment Tim! I love the way you segue from railing against discussion of the class divide to using my class as a stick to beat me with. Satirical gold!